We all saw this cover picture of Economic Survey 2020–21, Volume 1, right? It was a graph of hope & resilience. So what’s happening rn?

To understand the current state, in this article I am employing an article written by C.Rangarajan & D.K.Srivastava in The Hindu titled, “What the Q1 GDP numbers say”.

I will try & keep deciphering the economic terms so that you can keep following what’s going on. Cheers!

Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation (MoSPI) Released GDP Data

MoSPI recently released its data on GDP for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021–22 (a period of twelve months over which the accounts and taxes of…


I am Neha, I dropped out of the MPhil program in 2019 and this is my story of constant struggle since then.

A Little Background

I completed my MA in Psycho-Social Clinical Studies back in 2018 and I wanted to learn more.

My imagination of the next step was always interdisciplinary. A little bit of economics, political science, and of course- psychology.

Also, in early 2018 I felt the need to take a break to figure out certain things about myself.

Therefore, further education and break were conflicting ideas in my head which bothered me for the longest time.

Unfortunately, I ignored…

It is a tragedy that sex is thought to be simple. I am not indulging in how it is considered a taboo because the whole world is after it. I am here to indulge in a communication with you, who believes sex is okay.

The fictional world is obsessed with breasts. Their heaviness and plumpness matters more than anything else. The masculine writing of bodies is about shapes, sexiness, and the feel of it. I argue that that act of being with someone in bed is about asking questions!

& then you say its just sex!

Pounding heart, legs wrapped…

This article is aimed at creating awareness about the kind of mental health professionals (mhp) working in India and to help you identify the one that fits your life crisis.

Who is a mhp?

MHP is an experienced individual who provides assistance, help, and guidance in achieving mental health goals of an individual. It is significant to understand that mental health has a diverse nature and that is a topic to be discussed in detail some other time. This experienced individual can come from, again, diverse backgrounds that may include various schools of thoughts. …


You are probably here because you watched Family Man and saw this character:

Or maybe you are just curious as to why this man is catching all the eyeballs on social media right now. Whatever be the case, I am glad you are here and hope you read it till the end.

Why Sri and Suchi are in a Counselor’s office?

In the second season of Family Man, Sri and Suchi were going through a rough patch in their relationship. Suchi is a Psychology professor turned entrepreneur for a startup called Shrink Me. The startup is determined to provide mental help and destigmatize it in the process. …

Neha Tripathi

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